Friday, December 18, 2009

Sometimes 'Less' is 'More'

I enjoyed working on this old commode this week.
Still in her original paint and hardware, I wanted to stay true to 'who she is': a petite, sturdy, old commode in a creamy color. I reattached her scroll and towel bar back (found in her top drawer); easily removed if you don't like it. The steps I followed: 1) A thorough cleaning, inside, under and back. 2) Sanding every surface, removing flaking paint, and detailing her lines. 3) Finally, a wipe-down with satin polyurethane, sealing the old paint and wood surfaces. I'm very fond of old hardware - details, again~
Her hardware isn't 100% perfect, but is sturdy and does the job.

The handle on her door is actually the old hardware screw with a nut on it - someone used her that way for many years. Waxed and ready, she's a nice piece. $98 (and 20% off at our January Anniversary Market!).


Mr. Flannery said...

Teresa - Is there a secret message involved in one handle up and the other handle down?

TERESA said...

--Just checking if you're paying attention! I imagine that it's still flipped up, too--