Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Sunday Load 12-06

~We just wrapped up our December Market at The Porch & Atelier!
So, it was fun to get out and fill up the van this morning, before today's noon opening.
A great painted, cedar-lined trunk (and filled with small finds). Restock, restock.

The drawer front is on top of the desk and now on our 'fix-it list'
Tied quilt, three mirrors and a small pine six-drawer cabinet, behind them.
~Nice to be able to see all angles of the great trunk.
The desk looks like it has a '60's antiqued finish', and it's quite a pleasant aged gold color in person~

Do you see the color theme among the smalls? Never planned, but happens all the time~this stuff looks good together!

~I promise to show you how the soft blue silicone lights look when lit. I think I got some green ones, too?

Wooden flatware - for samples or picnics? Cool~
~More bagfuls, being unpacked by the minute. It sure creates interest when we're open, like today. We're only open one Sunday each month~

I'll be thanking the great gal who sent the bottle of Tisdale wine in for us when a mirror was carried out to her car~ We were also surprised earlier yesterday with a plate of freshly baked Christmas cookies. Wow! Way to our hearts-? Our customers are the best, and surprises here often brighten our already great days, holidays or not~ (note that I'm not soliciting, just honestly appreciative).
Not in the load today, but this two piece cabinet came in the door at 5:00pm last night. You could make an entire room around its storage capacity. She has a great presence on the south brick wall, adjacent to the Atelier checkout - I'm anxious to start her cleanup~
Thanks for checking out our latest finds, TERESA

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