Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sunday Load 12-13

I 'junk' several times a week, but love to show you my Sunday loads~
It's exciting to find the stuff, and show it to you 'as found' and brought home~

Two columns, two heights. A great duvet on top - in a beautiful woven fabric - we love great textiles.
~I buy garden stuff all year. The petite alabaster birdbath (on the desk/right), is complete with all four carved, tiny birds! Someone just asked if I happened to have one here - what are the chances of that?
This pair of buffet lamps is the best I've ever found - substantial crystal block bases, vintage, perfect. There's a lot of tiny stuff in and around, too - like vintage rhinestone jewelry.Yes - seven tennis rackets, with their worn wood and color effects.

~Have a great week! TERESA


Linda Thiltgen said...

Love, love, love your finds! Look forward to my next visit to your wonderful shop! Wishing you peace and calm.

TERESA said...

Thanks, Linda - I love it when you can stop by the shop! I never forget that you're an 'original' client - and friend from Elk River~ Linda is a talented, creative artist for those of you who haven't had the privilege of meeting her yet. Thank you for your kind wishes, all the same to you and your family~