Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Our Porch & Atelier cards always show this bird- somewhere.
This bird has been with us for over six years already~
I'm working on the January shop card design. I have an idea what I want, and this is too soft.

A favorite graphic, but too sepia-soft for a fresh January punch.
I like this graphic, but now it's feeling droopy to me. The teal color and fade on the 20% aren't doing anything for me, either. I want the 20% off to POP on the card~At the top of my favorites list, this urn from Dover clipart. That mix again: structure with freeform.Here it is, faded to about 50% transparency.
Ah, it's coming together. For January, I love crisp, fresh, white and some blue. So, I'll more than likely use the urn graphic, and for sure this French satin ribbon. You'll have to see what I actually end up doing! If you're interested in joining our card postal mailing list, let me know: theporch@bwig.net
I'm always working a month or two ahead on cards, so thanks for joining me on this diversion from December and the holidays. ~TERESA

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