Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decorating transition~

The last time I posted photos of my daughter's (Rachel's) home, it was aglow in candlelight and holiday warmth.

She uses alot of Ikea frames; they have every size and style - this one is a shadow box, holding an old paper 'slide', tacked in place with French brass-head nails.Everything is simple, yet beautiful - as in French style~

Everything is January 'fresh' now, that decorating niche just before Spring~
She uses her favorite decorating books as risers in the cabinets.

Yes, she has an 'Alan' cabinet, made with leaded windows she had found~

She has several glass-front cabinets, full of eye candy, but it's not there just for display - she uses everything she has.

'Old Paris' porcelain serving pieces are a favorite of hers~
She didn't plan on my taking photos, this was just her home yesterday.

She found the iron French quail at an estate sale

The silhouette she applied to the mirror continues up the wall behind

Yes, it's this comfortable there. Meme come and read-? What a nice day for me~

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