Friday, January 8, 2010

A 'petite' mix for you today

Let's begin with some green today. We're hungry for it~
There's usually more cohesiveness in my posts, today we'll stretch that a bit.
I do love this lantern from the Sunday 12/26 load

A restock of our popular tin magnet boards, there's a vertical style, too - both hung from fresh striped ribbon & include two fleur de lis magnets. $8.95 (remember the 20% sale, too).
Comfy, soft, feminine - and that pretty blue again~

You'll meet Brenda if you come on a Market Thursday~
And, Annemarie. I'm proud to work with the talented, special people here with me. Lisa and Stephanie.... I'll get you next time~Bling! Newer candelabra pair
More tin book stands have arrived~A favorite of ours, too. The 'Joy of Cooking' has great graphics, doesn't it?
Baubles & more bling
Great trunk, new restock. If you see it here, check out it's unique spring latch hardware. She'll be cleaned and waxed today~
For the caller interested in bookcases available, we have two choices today: #1: 81" tall, 52# wide.


We'll begin and end with green today - even 'faux' is great right now~ Tres' petite topiaries: two styles, in cute pots, $4.95. Add one or more to that new, fresh vignette you're creating at home.

Have a good Friday - TERESA

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