Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simple enough things #15

Our favorite greenhouse-fresh babies tears have arrived! They're moist, green, and oh-so-fresh for your January home. 4" ivy and fern pots, too - perfect for Spring container gardening~ These architectural porch spans will work well in the garden area we're setting~
We do love apothecary glass - these are small.

Crown hooks in gold and cream; three styles of crowns

A favorite, simple word: Home. You'll always find this window sign hanging among the others.

These petite china birds have trouble staying quiet - they're awfully busy chattering 'Spring is coming'. There's something here for everyone, and we love birds: $2.95

Antique tin panel, newly framed
Vintage curtain panel; I admire the texture and color nuances. Even the weave of the fabric comes through in the photo~
I'm looking for design inspiration for the new shop cards - I may have found it.
Enjoy your weekend, thanks for stopping by~ TERESA


SecondhandKris said...

Always inspired when I stop by your place my friend! I'll be in town next week - perhaps we will meet up!! I have a present for you - a silly little thing I found in the bottom of a box - but I think you will like it!!

TERESA said...

Love hearing from you, Kris, and I'm pretty excited about the surprise you have for me---

Linda Thiltgen said...

Oh, can't wait to see the new treasures! Look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers! Linda

TERESA said...

Always nice to hear from you, Linda~ Will be nice to see you, TERESA