Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sunday Load 1-17

Another great junking day~

A dresser, two mirrors, floor lamp, tin planter do know all this stuff is 'in the rough', right? We'll be working our magic on all of it~

Old galvanized bucket holding a worn bluejay whirligig and their old mailbox. I actually head for the garage or basement first - just what did they stash away in the past 50 years? That's what I'm interested in....
OK, it's an upside-down dresser with no drawers or back, but very salvageable: I can do something with that! In it's new life, we'll replace the back and underside, and she'll be tuned up with a stain or paint treatment. Add baskets, and maybe wine bottles... Same goes for the mirror - she didn't make the trip well, so she'll be re-cut and framed in wide trim.
Nice to find: a birding book (love the worn cover and color) - and full of info, too. From the bags of small stuff: glasses, cups, an old Cupid jewelry box, a box of old jewelry, and more.

Can you tell what this photo is featuring? The industrial, three leg, round wheeled dolly - cool! The blue table will get a thorough sanding, the drop-down leaves will be reattached, and she'll have new paint. Sometimes I'm asked if an older, repainted piece is 'safe' (the blue is possibly old lead paint). Yes: anything peeling will be removed, and the old paint will be sealed under new.

Love the old folding shopping carts - and, I'm reminded that I should take the time to walk the two blocks to the grocery store in downtown Buffalo~

This style of trunk is one of my favorites: petite, sturdy, and wrapped in that tiny rattan weave. She'll look very sharp after cleaning, waxing and sealing~

Always a favorite find for me - this ornate mirror is over five feet wide.
Can you say 'mod'? Total 70's, so cute! And, we found a long crocheted duster vest to go with it~

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