Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unpacking the Sunday 1-24 Load~

~The Atelier yesterday afternoon - we're still in 'restock and restyle' mode
The Sunday 1-24 load has tons of small stuff: unpack, clean, price and style~
That's Madame Pompadour in the front - have you heard of her? There are about six-seven different gold framed prints in this style, most are smaller.

A melange of old and newer pieces, everything is stacked and sitting around~

Basketweave concrete urn - and, look - it's on the industrial style wheels from last week's load~

Trunk, standing on end, with two silver urn-style lamps. Quality lamps, with dimmer switches.

That pine desk/console table is mostly hidden right now. Nice lines and shape.

The 'very Versailles' chair pair. Cast aluminum with garland back trim --can you see the 'poissons' pattern decorating the side-arms? Another good sized mirror, behind the right chair.

Lots to do! Our Market opens next week: February 2-3-4-5-6-7

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