Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentines and Clipart

Fun! The envelope holding big pink Valentines for the shop windows~Why, Amour to you, tooThey'll be hung in the shop windows today~A little Dover cherub sticker, I've told you about Dover before - I use alot of their free clipart on shop cards~ At Dover (just click to go there) you can find all kinds of free clipart and Valentine ecards, as well as cheap Valentines and stickers, too~ Some are copies of vintage papers.

Others are graphic line drawings. How can you top the little cherub hauling that graceful flourish?
Four old valentines, from a stack of valentines in the shop right now. From the penmanship on the back, they appear to be from the 20's-30's, and most were given to 'Illverine'....

Oh my, how gracious and dramatic! From 'my stuff', I love this old cake decoration -one of a group of five or six~

We have heart slate/magnet boards, heart jewelry, Pre de Provence soap/lotions -- just to name a few of the 'heart' inspired things here right now~


Linda said...

Hi Teresa- I've just discovered your fun blog- I love it! The photos of your shop are lovely, I'll have to head out your way for one of your sales!

TERESA said...

Happy to hear from you, thanks for your comment, Linda!
And, how nice you're able to plan a trip out to Buffalo~ TERESA