Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage & Gracie - we have fun here~

'Gracie' was at the shop yesterday, and was too-cute, modeling our vintage pink tulle apron~ Satin ribbon ties, and a sequined heart on the front.Gracie felt shy~
Gracie was quite proud of her look, and totally irresistible - may I take her photo?
Gracie with her Mom
Gracie brings Mom and Grandma to shop with her, every month for a while now-- pretty nice for us~ She's always dressed oh-so-cute and loves to shop~
As Gracie was leaving, she was asked if she was going dancing ---'no! this is my apron!'

Henry (grandson) with my daughter, Rachel
Henry wouldn't join in the fun, but was watching it all from a very interested distance~

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