Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage sheet music

I've been enjoying a huge stack of old sheet music at the shop~This is one of the 'newer' ones - the graphics and colors are fun~Sometimes you find names of people you know in the song titles or music - like a friend's granddaughter~

Fun! Someone else we know~

'You're a Great Big Blue Eyed Baby' -!
The titles can make you smile~

The folders can be informative, too...I don't think I've ever seen a list of Irving Berlin songs~
How old is this one? You can also get it for your talking machine or player piano?
All about 'love love love'-- have I heard that LOVE is the most-written song topic?

More graphics~I don't believe I even read this list~

'Mom' - for sure another song topic favorite~
Oh my, pine pine pine is right up there with love love love~
'And yet, I'd like to bet, some lonesome night Mister Blues will get you....'

To Maud Ulmar Jones. I've noticed they use alot of periods in old print copy.

Informative, again. Intrigued by the title, I found it was made into a movie (1935) based on the 1910 Victor Herbert operetta, and was the first in MGM's hugely successful Jeanette MacDonald-Nelson Eddy musicals~

I'll be using the wonderful frame graphic at some time~

Songs from 'Naughty Marietta'. One translation for the operetta title was 'out of control Marietta'-! Oh my-slightly risque' for its day?

The graphics communicate the mood of this title~

One thing you can do with old sheet music~
Photo from Campagne Decoration magazine
We've sold about 3-4" of the sheet music stack here - there's lots more; one buyer was planning to use them as placemats for a music-themed wedding shower~
Another shopper told us she keeps adding favorite songsheets to a wall at home - via decoupage. I've been anxious to decoupage some onto small canvases - one of my favorite 'crafts', and I've gotten away from it. All you need is white glue and water - eh voila!

An idea we presented to you here - on top of the stack in the shop~

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