Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Atelier today~

Sometimes things don't go as planned in this fine business of junking, but there's an upside, always - if you go with the flow~
I wanted to show you our expanding secondhand clothing & purse selections~
And ended up with the great photos being of the hanging lamp there~

Maybe there's a reason it happened - I can now show you there's a place for contemporary here, too. This secondhand Ikea lamp (hung in the east Atelier window with the pair of West Elm linen curtain panels) looks awesome in this clothing/boudoir setting~ TERESA


linda thiltgen said...


Laurie said...

Yes, that lamp does steal the show! I am excited to hear that you are expanding your secondhand clothing line. I bought a darling white ruffled shirt at your store a couple of years ago-love it! Also a fun striped new Parisian scarf last summer. I get many compliments on the scarf and it's great for spring and summer.

TERESA said...

Thank you, it IS stunning to see that light: fresh, crisp, clean~
We will feature our clothing here very soon - we follow our same philosophy as with furniture and home decor: great stuff at awesome prices, change it out and around often. I love your telling us about your ruffled shirt - we have fun with our 'Whitewear' line here, too - secondhand WHITE shirts, blouses and pajamas as we find them: whitened, ironed with a fresh linen spray, high quality and ready to wear~ We'll show photos of the next group that's coming out soon. Glad you like your scarf - a favorite here, and we're trying to get more.... TERESA