Saturday, February 6, 2010

~Early Saturday Market Day

There are so many benefits to living above the shop~ When it's 5:00am, and you want photos of pieces that came in yesterday, you just run downstairs!It's dark, but soothing and quiet coming down the steps from the Atelier to the PORCH level~ Eh voila-! Lights on - there she is! A newly upholstered chair~

She didn't care what time it was. She modeled as on a runway, posing this way and that, it appears from the photos~
A favorite aviary toile linen fabric (soft blue), and wonderful 'distressed' finish on her frame - you can see a hint of the old, soft green.
Not far from her, a pair of channel-back modified wingbacks came in overnight. Reupholstered at some time since they were new, they appear to be from the 50's?
We love pairs of chairs~

A small black two drawer chest
These pieces were restocked late yesterday - black cabinet with two shelves and drawer ($59), and a white double shelf.

And, a few photos from closing time yesterday. One last look at the bed detail - she's leaving today~
Yesterday, an artistic friend commented that she liked the double wreaths - nice.

I'm not wild about draped fabric, but I do like the way this feels~

The cast details of this lantern show off well against the Atelier tin ceilings.
Thanks for taking an 'early morning tour', TERESA

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