Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feel-good color at our February Market

Starting out with Valentine wishes for you again today~ Ten chalkboard panels on this door - five on each side.

Yes. Real eggs. I expect to be saying that alot in the next few days~

You'll find simple here, too. We hope you stop and enjoy the details~
And, every so often, rest your eyes here~
I'm loving the old pinks and chocolates in one of our jewelry displays

Can you tell?

We heard the word 'garden' alot yesterday....
~We're getting anxious
Yes, it feels this good here. We consider it quite a compliment if you relax while here~

Great old pedestal on this table; the large square velvet ottoman behind is only $99!
Boots (on the right, by ottoman) were mandatory yesterday (and we saw many cute ones). Everyone braved bad roads to come out - thank least the sun was shining and the skies were blue. All sounds good for today and the rest of the week?
Tin and iron, softened by the round transferware plates. Do you have a favorite vignette where you are today? ~TERESA


Linda Thiltgen said...

Beautiful! Getting so excited! Can't wait to see the treasures in person on Friday! My favorite vignette today is framed by my studio window. The snow is SO sparkly and beautiful, the snow sculptures created by plants straining to keep their "heads" above the snow line are lovely. Shadows dance across the sparkles in a wonderful blue color. It's a beautiful Winter day from where I sit. Peace.

TERESA said...

Thanks, Linda - it will be nice to see you! Next time you are experiencing that wondrous, framed studio window view - send me a photo - OK? You made me pause for more than a moment and try to picture it - thank you for that, TERESA