Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting ready for OPENING - next week!

~Very soon, you will hear 'welcome to our March Market!'
Everything is gearing up, excitement is in the air - furniture is coming in by the day~ Some new home decor, too - and lots more to unpack. We love botanical-themed pieces~
More fresh, green plants have arrived. And, I've found the perfect use for our tiered galvanized stand~
Yet to be glazed and mirror glass cleaned - everything is in 'work mode'~ Some pieces are complete - like this awesome twin-size bedWe have alot of 'new' frames, all going at half-off prices~

Nice door header with original dentil trim and medallions~
Add three hooks, and she's all ready to go~

The box. OK, you know there's always a piece that really speaks to me~

Weathered gray paint, oh -my, a favorite color and texture. Surprise: the inside is divided, perfect for magazines - it would be awesome in the apartment..... (I don't display anything I wouldn't bring upstairs - it's tough sometimes!).

~I was careful to preserve Elvin's name (in at least three places on the box) when she was sanded, cleaned and sealed. This box was important to him~

The lid is held on with two old nails that turn to serve as latches - make-do with not-much? Watch for photos of ALOT MORE in the coming days - you haven't seen anything from The PORCH level yet~

Join us March 2-3-4-5-6-7 (Tues 9-12) (Wed 9-2) (Thu-Fri-Sat 9-5) (Sun 12-5). Always interesting here, and always appreciating the details~TERESA


Jenica said...

looking forward to the sale...I have been checking out all the goodies everyday!

Linda Thiltgen said...

Thanks for the preview. See you Thursday! Everything looks great. Cheers

TERESA said...

Thank you! It will be great to see both of you - I just love the energy here during our Markets~ TERESA