Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Secondhand and 'designer'

Something a little different today - a 'case' study~
I came across this Pascal Morabito petite trunk a couple months ago~

Leather inside and out, brass, nailheads, the coined stamp on each corner. Oh my. I was intrigued to learn more about it and Pascal, too~

I stopped to think that you're always learning in this business, and finding things you never knew about.

Pascal Morabito's boutique is in the Place Vendome, Paris. You'll find him hanging out with Fendi, and at Paris Fashion Week......Ora Ito is his daughter~ The Place Vendome is in the 1st Paris arrondissement - along with the Hotel Ritz, and one of the most prestigious addresses in Paris.Napoleon commissioned the Place Vendome Column, and the Tuileries Gardens are there. You see? Educational. I just may have to window shop next time I'm at the Tuilieries~ it would be a very touristy thing to do, I'd be very out of place - but no one would know me, right?
You know when something is this good it's hard to tell her real age.
It's fun to own pieces like this, even if only for a short time~I thought you'd like to experience her, too~


Marie said...

Bonjour Teresa- I subscribe to Country Living and I just read the article about you and your gorgeous building. You're living my dream - la vie en rose...Congratulations!

TERESA said...

Bonjour Marie, thank you for finding us here, and telling us how you enjoyed the 'Country Living' feature here. I read your profile, and I know we'd get along very well. Oh, all the beauty to be found in France, sigh- TERESA

Kristin said...


I love this little trunk and all the history behind it. Just curious, is she for sale? Have a fabulous day!

TERESA said...

Hi Kristin - I'm glad you love the trunk - that's how I ended up taking so many photos of her! Thanks for asking about her status - I found her in mid-December, brought her to the Atelier, and she did sell. I don't normally research what I buy or sell, but the designer name and over-the-top quality intrigued me. I couldn't find anything on the case specifically, and would love to learn more someday. I just may have to windowshop at Pascal Morabito's boutique-in April!