Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simple enough things #16

This simple, beautiful effect reflects from the corner light hanging in the third floor apartment bath~

When I found this light (secondhand, from The PORCH), I was hoping it would have this effect. Hanging in a corner, with walls and ceiling close-by, it can't help but unfurl its vines and leaves for you~
The apartment bath during restyling at renovation time. Major painting and new floor tile happened when I moved in over five years ago. It's a nice, square bathroom - white, utilitarian, and 'simple enough'. Restyled with the mirror tiles, a new curtain made from an embroidered cotton remnant (seen in photo below), and the corner light (it hangs above the chair shown below), it's even better.

Here's another peek into the bath, showing the curtain detail, via the March 2010 'Country Living'. Thanks for taking a look, TERESA


heather mize said...

I was so inspired by the article in Country Living! I have always dreamed of living above my shop. Your home and shop is gorgeous!

TERESA said...

Thank you, Heather! I do pinch myself in disbelief - often - at my happiness in being here in this wonderful building, and extending my home life to the shop. It's a wonderful arrangement~
Check out Heather's blogspot, listed on the blogroll here - as 'Nest' ~TERESA