Friday, February 19, 2010

Simple enough #17

Fresh white and green for you today~A fun favorite for me all week: this found spool of airy, lacey white ribbon. We enjoy packaging your finds~ Our shop ribbon stands are fashioned from old lamp bases, by adding a rod.
I think we have a couple we're not using, if you're interested~
A restock plant delivery yesterday
Baby's tears, of course~

Maidenhair ferns - airy, gorgeous! And, buttonleaf ferns - highly desirable here. Our ferns are also in 4" pots, so they're $4.50, too~

Enjoy that Spring Fever today~



Linda said...

That's a great way to display ribbon- thanks for sharing!

TERESA said...

You're welcome, Linda - I'll have to snap a photo for you of the tall, floor-standing ribbon stand we use at the PORCH level checkout~ TERESA

SecondhandKris said...

You always inspire me my friend! Catching up on your postings today - beautiful - think I can go out and create now!

TERESA said...

Glad you could find me 'here', even if we don't get to inspire each other in person very often lately! You're one of the best, Kris, when it comes to getting excited about this stuff~