Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sunday Load 2-14

Yay! for junking days, and all the 'finds'~
Beautiful chest - no drawers. Look beyond that, she's sturdy, has great lines -- convert her with paint and baskets~Mirrors, Pottery Barn curtain panels (2), table with removable tray, a floor lamp. Whoa, alot of this stuff needs a paint update to be desirable~
The old wood box will be stunning with a cleanup and wax. But, oh my - the mailbox~

You probably already know that when I show more than one photo, I'm totally in awe of a piece~
There's something quite 'French' about her, and she's complete with the key~

This trunk/chest = paint. Yes, a contemporary secondhand Ikea light, too.

Lots of good old small stuff, including an old paper punch~
I was intrigued by the blue rosary - the beads are a gorgeous color, the medal worn. Small, but not a bracelet. Fine sterling filigree bracelet in the lower left corner.
Ah, the chair. Swivel base, cane seat - she's perfect.

More than one photo = love it~

Alot will be happening in the shop this week - we're halfway to our March 2-3-4-5-6-7 Market!


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