Monday, February 22, 2010

The Sunday Load 2-21

~It was a sunny, clear day for hauling yesterday I get excited about tall, old wood ladders - stand at the bottom and look up, up, up~ And, this is the shorter one! They'll be trimmed down, but not too much, I did just haul 13' ladders, after all!

Yes, pieces of chain link. True trash-to-treasure, they'll be separated into strips - then add clips for hanging cards, jewelry. Their galvanized finish will lend them to a new project very well~

Old Cream of Wheat magazine ad. I've found three or four over the years, and it makes me wonder why they were so popular? It's cool that the ad's colors actually match the gray frame~

I love the brilliant colors on these tiny old figurines - he's enjoying his perch on a wallpaper-covered shoebox (old trash to treasure!).

Stacks of smalls: a great tray, old fan, beaded bag....

That pretty blue again: nice Redoute' wild roses in their original frame with gold scalloped-effect trim~

Chalk drawing of the famous horses print, framed in silver/gray~ Don't you wonder what the stories are behind this stuff?

There's a pair of nesting tables with ornate legs (glass tops, too) in the center of this mix. The baby bassinet has legs with casters - great for the laundry, gardening....Look at the tiny goblets on the right, some have the pale pink tint you find in old glass~

Pink satin bridesmaid gown (40's?). The dressmaking details remind me of a Juliet costume~

Off to get more - Sunday isn't our only junking day~ TERESA

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