Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SWEET~ more February Market photos

Sweet is right! License plate heart art, about 15" wide, $30 The north Atelier window last night - you'll be able to tell from today's photos that the shop wasn't fully lit~ Pair of marble-top occasional tables with drawers~

Nice tick-tock, no legs - I'd like to hang it from a wall hook. I laughed when I read the tag: "works when it wants to"

If you like our window signs, we now have them for you. Double-sided cardstock, $8.95

As you enter the lower level~ everything is ready and waiting for you

Wouldn't you like to know her story?

Decoupage on left, original painting on right

A good assortment of vintage textiles are here. Note the hand-stitching in heavy brown thread along the edges~

Fresh paperwhites, mirror with decoupaged back
Fresh Spring soap scents. Have you tried our Pre' de Provence soaps? They truly have all the best qualities~

We're open short hours Tues-Wed, then full days Thur-Sun: Tues Feb 2 (9-12), Wed Feb 3 (9-2), Thu-Fri-Sat Feb 4-5-6 (9-5), Sun Feb 7 (12-5).

I'm excited! ~TERESA


AuroraSuzette said...

Your spread in the March Country Living is fantastic. I am truly in love with your kitchen, despite my pull to color. That pendant light is incredible. That pair of silvery looking chairs in this post..so good. I'm going to spend more time pouring over your blog later, and am following along. BTW..my folks grew up in Schenectady!

AuroraSuzette said...

Oh-kay..bloggers that know me realize I often speak first, think later!! Buffalo, MN, not New York. Got it. Ignore parent reference in first comment. Still love your style.

TERESA said...

You're the 'frosting on my cake' today, Aurora Suzette! Thanks for your notes. Guess what? My issue hasn't arrived yet! - I did get a quick scan of the photos when a client brought her copy to the shop today - it's been great fun for me~ We had a great shop day today, and I was just on the phone with my two yr old grandson, Henry - he sang 'un deux trois, la la la la la' to me.
Looking forward to hearing more from you, thanks again, TERESA