Saturday, February 13, 2010

Urn Garden~ the apartment stairwell

Who can resist some indoor winter gardening right now? And, more photos of the apartment in this great old building? This morning, I planted baby's tears in a classic bowl urn (we had 36 here for the February Market, 4" pot, $4.50). A favorite, I love their mossy look and multitude of glossy, tiny green leaves. And, if you're interested, more are on their way- fresh from the greenhouse.

The view from the third floor apartment out to the stairwell entrance.Who could resist them? Fresh and tender, I placed old, domed frame glass over the urn to keep them moist and warm. Close-up of the carved door panel - found at the Angers, France flea market
The old crown sits well on the rounded glass~
I've used this thick old domed glass in lots of ways here, and then - eh voila! it fit the urn perfectly.
View into the apartment as you enter from the stairwell~
If you've seen the March Country Living photos of the apartment, are you getting your bearings yet?

New enamel house numbers - purchased at the BHV, in Paris

Rather than paint the useful console table there (its oak finish just doesn't work in this setting), I've draped it with a heavy linen daybed cover - the excess fabric is hidden behind.Enjoy something fresh & green this weekend, TERESA

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