Monday, March 8, 2010

All wrapped up~ The MARCH 2010 Market

And junking never stops~
A full load again yesterday morning, waiting patiently today to be unpacked. Time for early-morning junking yesterday, but no time to bring it all in on the final day of our Market. Here, you can see an electric fireplace with faux-stone mantel surround, and a storage bench with sturdy rush seat-- there's so much more, and I can't wait to show it all!
Stephanie in the shop last Wednesday, one of our our 12 primo sellers. Everyone here is incredibly talented, and bring the 'best of their best' - to you.
We've wrapped up our MARCH Market~ and it was so much fun to see everyone who was able to come! The weather was great, we met so many new people, and we do appreciate your coming out. Thank You~
Janelle and Alice
Janelle and Chad (not pictured) found us a couple years ago, and became friends of The PORCH & Atelier. We were so happy to finally meet 'Alice', new to their petite famille. We were proud to help furnish Alice's nursery with just the right pieces they were looking for, and have been anxious to meet her! Thank you to everyone who turns to us when needing furnishings~

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