Thursday, March 18, 2010

'The Apartment' Today~

The cabinet in the apartment kitchen that I previewed here yesterday~ For now, I wanted a 'patisserie' feel.

Favorite platters, cake stands, French flatware collections~

The apartment kitchen is bright, and I love what this cabinet adds to how the room feels~

My favorite 'Campagne Decoration' magazines are handy here. This is the Mars/Avril issue from a few years ago - the photos are timeless. I'll be getting the current issue - en France- in just over two weeks~

Creeping fig, a favorite for me. I usually find them at Lowes~

I found the porcelain fish platter at the Angers flea market. You can tell I love white dishes~

I went crazy for paper baking liners at Sur la Table. We'll be using them for Springtime in Paris- our primo event will be here, May 15~

Pillivuyt pitchers- I have many, found in France - and here~

The kitchen view to the left of the glass cabinet~

The hall to the kitchen, from the apartment entree'~

Apartment entree' toward the kitchen

I'm preparing for a soiree', and couldn't wait to place the mixed roses in the silvered hurricane. The French pink ribbon skein is perfect for Spring.
Ah, enjoy Spring today, TERESA


Patty said...


Linda said...

This is just a lovely kitchen- I just love the feeling you have given to it! Thanks for sharing the info about the plant- I love how it looks and would like to get one! Thanks!

The Head Chickpea said...

Teresa, I love your tours...You have given me the inspiration to get my home ready for spring! Merci beaucoup! ~jenni

TERESA said...

Thanks, to all of you. I hope you can be here sometime to experience the apartment in person~ I'll be showing more apartment 'tours' now that the 'Country Living' had a chance to preview it. It's a wonderful/light-filled space, practical and comfortable - I have a great respect for this old building's energy. I'm very lucky, indeed, and love sharing it with those interested in the 'living above the shop' lifestyle! ~TERESA (Linda: creeping fig is an easy/rewarding plant - let me know when you get one~)