Saturday, March 13, 2010

Atelier clothing rework

It was a good week for reworking the Atelier clothing display. It's been cloudy and gray outdoors, but the Atelier glowed warm and bright~
Today, we're able to appreciate that wonderful 'window of time' when everything is freshly painted and cleaned, but all isn't back in place. I love stopping to appreciate this beautiful vignette of soft textures. From left: vintage slip; original 1902 embossed tin walls and old fluted window trim, pure linen curtains and soft yellow lights~
We cleaned, painted, and added new track lighting. The exterior door you see here has actually been sealed off for 30+ years, we'll be adding brackets, rods and hooks. We love the Ikea petal light in this window, so we returned it there - that doesn't happen often during a rework here!
Our plans for the finishing touches, some of the clothing will be displayed on the door~
Note the lace bodice and straps, and the bow on the full dropped waist crinoline skirt~
OK, a trash-to-treasure today, also. I found the tennis racks a couple months ago - I just loved everything about them, and admired their patina, wear and colors.
Adding a hanger to the back of the racket, and screwing a vintage closet hook into the handle, they're usefully re-purposed~
I couldn't tell you which one I like best, they all have different qualities to admire~
I wish you something that gives easy appreciation today, TERESA

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