Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freshly Upholstered for the APRIL MARKET~

A great piece arrived at the Atelier just last night~

This lovely mid-century modern sofette~ ~Her upholsterer told me that her favorite bedtime read lately has been a 50-60's upholstery/drapery book.

Have a seat~
SO comfortable, she has down-wrapped cushions.

Her new dress has certainly tuned her up, but it's more than that. High quality, sturdy construction and lines. She measures 55" long, 29" deep, 29" tall. She's scaled nice enough to sit two comfortably, or would be just as welcome in a boudoir~

We hope you get to see her in person ($265).


Linda said...

Teresa- this turned out really great- love the fabric and the lines of the piece!

MrFlannery said...

That's nice work.

TERESA said...

Thanks for your compliments! I'll be sure to pass them on to her talented creator - reupholstery is one talent I'm 100% appreciative of!