Monday, March 22, 2010

A Grand Time~

This great old building is the perfect setting for soirees - and grand celebrations with friends and family~
Its ambience and energy is especially striking when in an evening glow~I don't take Chef Adam for granted for one minute---wow, he handled the entire party menu! All I had to do was have the apartment kitchen waiting with cleared surfaces and an empty fridge~ (Have you seen this view from the kitchen to the entree?)The Atelier checkout was converted to bar and buffet~ Nate, at the bar. He smiled and served for over five hours. I am surrounded here by awesome friends and family - the reason for a grand celebration!Carafe of France 76 punch (left)- a definite hit. We first experienced it in the home of friends in Angers, France. Even the Evian bottles were special~ I'll have juice, please~

Friends, food, and old-time music by Adam and Meghan~ How can you top being serenaded by pros with voice, guitar, banjo and fiddle?

My daughter, Rachel and good Elk River friend, Linda~Son, Chef Adam~ Brie, blue, and Manchego cheeses
Crostini with goat cheese, Piquillo peppers and artichokes~
Palmiers with creme' fraiche, and strawberries (in Grand Marnier)
Is it a party without cupcakes?A grand MERCI everyone who came---

---and everyone who helped - I don't do anything here without the support of generous friends and family ~TERESA


Day to Day at The Hog Shed said...

What fun!!! The food,music,friends and family and a wonderful hostess

TERESA said...

Thank you, Claire - aren't parties fun? It will be nice to see you sometime soon, TERESA