Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm so excited for FRANCE and FLOWERS~

Roses in the apartment today - making me think about France and the fleurs I'll be experiencing there, very soon~
au nom de la rose~
You'll see them in many locations, yes, they are a chain - only roses, and their displays are interesting and breathtaking.The interior of these shops are always very tiny~I think I've shown this photo previously - note the rose petals on the shop floor~Flower shops spill onto the sidewalks, just like the cafes~
You simply walk around them, and no one is issuing a citation~
They move the shelving in and out everyday - bringing the fleurs out to share with everyone. Look at the architecture!

Ranunculus abound in France - their full, frilly petals are a favorite of mine~
Primroses everywhere in the Spring, too. These were on an outdoor shop windowsill.

Awesome galvanized shelves, shrubs in shades of citron green (vert)~

There's a bucket of tall greenish-white blossoms inside, upper left. I'll take them all, please. It's common to see men and women on the street, taking a package of fresh fleurs home~

Outside a cafe on the Champs Elysees - in March! (Remember that I'm in Minnesota~)

Near our hotel, in the Eiffel neighborhood. We walk by this shop in the evening quite often. How could you not stop when seeing this welcome?A closeup of her shop window/entrance. I love her painted sign on the glass. Inspiration abounds there.

We love to shop the quaint Village Saint Paul neighborhood in Paris. Look at the white hyacinths in this petite shop vitrine~

On a flower cart in a busy shopping district.

Back to reality~ roses at 'home' are pretty nice, too~

Bring some fresh flowers to your space today~TERESA

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Mr. Flannery said...

Can there ever be anything better than Paris in the Spring?