Monday, March 29, 2010

Outside~ at the APRIL MARKET

It's like a great outdoor flea market, right in our back courtyard! Garden, outdoor, and lots of other wares; note the great red bike~
Old, tall birdbath on column base~
Copper finish arbor with candle chandelier stands over the harvest table; shopping cart in front

I'm loving these old bottle crates. I haven't seen this style?

Here's the second. I think they have a European feel. $10 and $14. When I'm at flea markets in France next week, something like this would cost alot more and be alot harder to get home~
I already checked the openings - they seem too small for wine bottles~

Chair swing with Adirondack seat back~

Great concrete sink/planter, solid wood column, one of an urn pair, and more~

Lots of fresh, huge pussy willow branches~

Have you seen the old stone wall in the back courtyard?

Matched pair of cast urns. Sturdy, both have a big chip out of their top half. $79 each~
More indoor photos Tuesday morning; we're looking forward to beautiful sunny days and outdoor shopping, too~ TERESA


Linda said...

Hi Teresa- Wow, you really have some wonderful items- looks great!

TERESA said...

Thanks, Linda! We've been having alot of fun putting this Spring show together. Now, to finally share it all~ TERESA