Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plan de Paris~

'Plan de Paris' literally means 'map of Paris'. But today - I'm getting excited, about 'plans'~
Find your passport, here we go~
Let's pretend your ticket is in this envelope, you don't get a paper ticket anymore~
We're going to see the sights, visit a favorite musee', or two~
Ride the metro to get anywhere we desire~
You may not want to share the hotel room with me. I shop without thinking about getting it home - but it's all small, right? You'll find 'Springtime in Paris' (at The PORCH & Atelier, May 15) prizes in the shopping bags~
We'll visit the Eiffel every day, at different times of day - our hotel is just three blocks away~
Marvel at the architecture, grand or petite. Do you think they'd let us stay right in there?
The scent of flowers is in the air, oh-the colors!
You'll get more inspiration than your heart can hold. I hope you don't mind if I stop for photos often - I'll catch up with you~
You can add to your business card collection. This is Laduree's 2008 card.
There's a Saturday street market near our hotel. Look at the shopping baskets parked outside the shop door. Can you hear all the happy activity?
It will be a great time - we'll be happy just to breathe the air there, non? Is anticipation part of the experience? Oui! ~TERESA


Linda said...

Such a lovely post- I just love the "Fleurs" sign!

TERESA said...

Thank you, Linda! Everything is photo-worthy when in France. I just may have to be more bold and touristy on this trip~ TERESA