Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simple Enough~ at the MARCH Market

We've been playing March Market show and tell all week, now some calming details for you~
Pair of shutters: two separate panels~

Three perfect white batiste dresses~
Pleats, ruffles, tiny covered buttons - it's all in the details, right?
A favorite photo today, it says alot~
I love the half-round shape of this basket, but then notice the old white paint and Spring blue trim - it makes me stop for a moment~
Simple paint by number ($4) - can you hear the surf?
Needlepoint ($6)~
If you've been here, you know that I am crazy for glass jars.
Maidenhair fern. We're stocked with fresh greenhouse, 4" plants: babies tears, ivies and buttonleaf ferns - all very full ($4.50)
Espresso for eight, with platter and odds/ends of plates ($16)
Even hard-working ballerinas take a break once in a while ~
Well, this was fun! Hoping you can join us: today through Saturday (March 4-5-6, 9-5), Sunday (March 7, 12-5). ~TERESA


Courtney Walsh said...

teresa, what is the price on the ballerina picture? She is just stunning!

TERESA said...

Hi Courtney - there was a pair of ballerina prints - and I don't remember if this one sold, or the other! I'll check and take a photo of the one still here. $16~ Thanks for asking--TERESA