Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sunday Load 3-14

~A beautiful morning to be out and about. The weather didn't stop us all winter, but we were pleased to shed our gloves today!
A full load of furniture and smalls - including this fun occasional table (issues in her finish, highly desired size, sturdy). I love the large, linen cover art books - today we found van Gogh.
Full view of the table. The large blue bowl has some boudoir/toilette matching pieces. It's interesting that these sets were saved - owning them must have been pretty special?
Two black bamboo folding chairs, ala' Ballard Designs style.
This corner shelf (laying on its side) has a nice look to it; will be cute and useful when ready.
Very petite side table or stand~
There's a great console table in this mix, I thought you'd like to see her shape. Note also the height of a great beveled mirror behind.
(L to R) metal stuff: hammered aluminum pitcher; old martini shaker; I love the low-handled style of the urn; a cool scale. The plaid tablecloth in front is just the right shade of green-blue we all appreciate right now.
VIP bar glasses
Two wicker pieces: settee with cushions, nice size and height ($34); side table ($24).
Just in yesterday: vintage farmhouse-style table - updated with heavy-duty casters and thick granite top~
Perfect height for an island, work center or bar. It feels European and makes me think of rolling pastry or kneading bread~
The original paint blends with the granite beautifully.
Also just arrived yesterday, this newly upholstered chair. She's been updated in just the right shades of embossed velvet~
Down-filled cushion, curvy arms and rolled back - she's stunning. Her 1926 Washington DC origin and maker was discovered during her rework~
I wonder what treasures the coming week will hold? ~TERESA

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Linda Thiltgen said...

Do you still have the black bamboo folding chairs? They fit my style! Let me know. Thanks