Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to Our MARCH MARKET

A second post for today~
Bamboo table with drawer bank (separate). Heavy, old metal trunk, and.... a 1908 boat part - ooh--- heavy timber, old paint and iron ring~
We love secondhand design and garden books, too~
One of two different vintage tole chandeliers~
Here's the second one~ both old white and full of flowers
Yes, you'll find Easter popping up around here, too (Easter is April 4!)
Fresh rye grass in containers~
I'm in awe of this twin-sized cast iron bed - OLD, and complete with footboard and rails? Yes. Note the mirror with sconces on the wall behind~
Lots of layering happens here: the metal box, figural iron behind, fretwork above, and an iron chandelier
More layering, in feel-good soft color
Detail on the bottom of tub shown below~
Complete with stand, can't wait for you to see her in full glory~
Hours this week, March 2-7: (Tues 9-2) (Wed 9-2) (Thu-Fri-Sat 9-5) (Sun 12-5).
Bienvenue to The PORCH & Atelier, TERESA


Courtney Walsh said...


I just read the article in Country Living! What a beautiful space (and life) you've created for yourself! I am completely scared to start adding flea market finds to my house but so intrigued to try!! I don't have your sense of style, unfortunately!

I am in love with that cast iron bed frame. I wish we lived a little closer so I could come pick it up!! I've been looking for one just like it! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that Iron Chandelier - beautiful! I wish I could hop on a plane and peruse these items first hand. Have a wonderful sale Teresa!

Pamela Kucera

TERESA said...

Thank you for your awesome notes, Courtney and Pamela! I wish you were both closer, too - I'd love having you here~ TERESA