Monday, April 12, 2010

Bringing France Home --- TO YOU~

What I'm doing right now~Getting excited about bringing France home to you (all the plans, inspiration and details), and buying prizes and souvenirs for you~ at our Springtime in Paris event, Saturday, May 15 Everyone has a great time~
We'll tour the third floor apartment~

Enjoy your cocktail or juice course while touring and looking around~

Details: so French~

The menu served is fresh, unexpected, and special~

Maybe he'll do chocolate again this year?Chef Adam Prizes and souvenirs~ imagine: I'm picking them out right now!

Flowers, flowers....

(This year, our 'Springtime in Paris' event is May 15)~ Hopefully on my next trip, I'll be blogging to you from PARIS~wouldn't that be great?

Photo credit for all 'April in Paris' photos on this post and previous posts: Dawn Elliott - thank you, Dawn!

I hope you can come. The form for pre-registration is on the first page of the blog.

Until then, (a bientot) ~TERESA

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