Monday, April 5, 2010

FRANCE~ Springtime in Paris!

I'm leaving for France this morning~Since my first France experience....
I've wanted to bring 'the French life home'~ Bring it all with me, and keep it a part of me, everyday~

Our April in Paris event started over ten years ago, for just that reason~
Take some time for yourself, enjoy being with family and friends
Enjoy good food~

Appreciate the everyday~

I'm going to France with my daughter, Rachel - and my sister Mary, and her daughter, Maggie. Our names will all be said softly, with French accents during these days. I have Rachel to thank for my love of France and alot of my experiences there. Until we meet again, be well and safe, TERESA


Mary Howard said...

Hi! Do you have any tips on places to stay in Paris? I am going to Paris (how exciting!!) 5/31-6/11 and would appreciate any advice on accomodations you could offer. Thanks, Mary

Mr. Flannery said...

Bon Voyage. Springtime in Paris - oh my, how nice.

TERESA said...

Oh, Mary - I'm excited for you!! We usually stay in the Eiffel neighborhood, and have had no problems. Safe, and a metro stop, grocery, etc., are nearby. Paris is HUGE, I suggest a hotel in the city, where you can get around easily and quickly to everywhere you want to go. If you search a site like Expedia, you will be able to search hotels by neighborhood/price, etc. Good luck, and let me know if I can be of further or more specific help~ TERESA

TERESA said...

Thanks for your wishes, Peter - it was fantastic!