Thursday, April 15, 2010

H O M E ~


Do I love France because it is so traditional, and yet - you see the latest in everything, even the Charles de Gaulle aeroport signage is au currant? We covered alot of miles by plane, train, a little bit of taxi.....and of course - the metro took us everywhere we wanted to go~

We spent a gorgeous Saturday at the Angers flea market; it was packed full ~ Small details to appreciate~Flowers. And more flowers. Is that Mimosa in the forefront? has a different name, and I remember reading one time that it was a favorite of Napoleon's Josephine~
Shopping, shopping = beaucoup baggage. Oh my, how did I do that again?

You do see many people traveling with only a tote or backpack.....not us~ A favorite destination in the Village Saint Paul, Paris - au petite bonheur de la chance: ferme!~
It happens. Our mantra while traveling France? We're happy just to breathe the air~ wait, two doors down - what is that? A new shop find??

This shop wasn't here last time, and she's open today!

My 'marble notebook' - constant companion for journaling, making great plans and lists~
Note for next time: blog from France~
Plenty of time to relax, laugh, and make plans - these tables/chairs are in the courtyard of our home away from home: the Hotel du Mail, in Angers~

We saw all the sites~ and more....
Inspiration and photos galore (I'm going to check if galore is a French word) ~ Bleu - ah, everywhere~
I couldn't resist this shot at the airport yesterday - seeing our direct Minneapolis flight on the departure board - a first for us! Thank you, Delta!

There is so much more to share with you, and I'm looking forward to that~

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Linda Thiltgen said...

Oh thank you for the little taste of France! So wish I was there...sitting at that little outdoor table with you...sipping "something::) Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Cheers
Linda T