Sunday, April 25, 2010

JOURNAL francais de MARCHE' aux puces (French flea market journal)

Journal entry: ANGERS France, Samedi 10 avril 2010.
Yesterday's post took the steps to bring us here - to the Angers flea market!
Flowers, and more flowers. The market was rimmed with 'vendeurs de fleur'. Another opportunity to enjoy something without bringing it home~

The market was huge - and a day's worth of browsing, especially at the rate I translate French to English~

And, considering that nothing is marked - not one price tag. It's all accomplished with bargaining, no fast task for me, either~Therefore, the Marble notebook again - just to make sure I understand what I'm agreeing to. 80E is over $100 American! Sorry, mais non~Browsing all the old stuff, some booths looked like they could be right here in Minnesota~Setups in the back of open vehicles~

Small, large, unique or not - but oh so FRENCH!

The French female attire was what you'd see on the street shopping during the day. No sweats or baseball caps, but alot of women were more casually dressed than she~

I wanted that lantern. I think that's what the 80E in the notebook was for~

Wow. I know someone who'd want this~ Note that it's a four-panel screen - the center panels are narrower.

Tout est le même, mais différent. Everything is the same, but different~
And, between visits, I always forget about the live chickens (no photo...)
Vieille porte étroite. I love old doors~

Old suitcases, too - lovely old ivory color~

Ma belle fille Rachel, on the right. It's early, they're still unpacking - what did she stop to look at?

Now that's a bike basket~panier de vélo

No admittance to the church across the street, there's a wedding today! We've witnessed wedding parties on these steps other years, but must be too early -we love to see the female guests, who all wear hats! We also sat on these steps one time (no wedding that day...) to sort through a box of old brass hardware and treasures. I was tossing some of the pieces into a nearby garbage can, and a passerby told me that instead I should sell it and use the money to buy a cafe'. He wasn't insulting me, he was friendly and serious. French = the original 'green' recyclers. American woman: wasteful~

Speaking of sorting through - I wasn't up to that in this space~

OK, stop. The b o o k. I wanted the book. 30E -- oh merci, non More than one photo of something shown here = like. Alot. 'L'Encyclopedie des styles d'hier et d'aujourd'hui'. Encyclopedia of the styles of yesterday and today.May I take a photo or two? Something to remember it by? Oui~
Well, thankfully, he was good natured, and either thought I was crazy or wanted to get rid of me. 20E after I came back the third time to look at it~ I think he looks like he's given up, don't you?

It was an awesome day - perfect. Many of the photos from that day didn't upload, so those pieces will have to be fond reminiscences~ I wish you all junking experiences extraordinaire~


Linda said...

What a wonderful day~ thanks for sharing!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I loved looking at all those table tops full of smalls! Thanks for taking us along!

TERESA said...

Thank you Linda and Laura! It was so much fun, and I wish I could just snap my fingers and be there each week - taking you with me~ I'm happy you enjoyed it, TERESA