Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MAY - just around the corner?

I've personally really liked the APRIL blog header, at the top of this opening page. A photo from the apartment kitchen 'patisserie style' glass cabinet, I really like how it feels. When designing new cards and artwork, I always want to 'top' the one before.

I also like to change the blog header with each new month - so, I turned to my current favorite: the 'Mademoiselle Salle' postcard, fresh from PARIS. You've already seen her shown as 'Direct from PARIS' tags for the French goods. Who knows, maybe it will be tweaked in the next couple days, but for now, this is my plan~

I'm having a hard time believing I've been posting here for a year. Don't you think a celebratory post is in order? I'm thinking about what to do to give back to you~ TERESA

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