Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PARIS papers - mostly FREE~

I love to save the cards, maps, sacs - all the 'paper' I bring home from PARIS. They inspire me, they're small, and most of it is 'free'~I found a few new postcards at favorite shops - #1


From our hotel in PARIS~

A Laduree 'sac'~

Vintage dinner party menu~I even found a vintage Eiffel card this time~Maps - free, but hard to find now. I had to ask at the hotel desk to get it. Has someone been clearing out their map rack?My favorite postcard this trip~

Reworked, and being printed now to use for shop tags on all the PARIS stuff - (first showing of everything will be at our May 15 Springtime in PARIS event).

OK, my least favorite card. You can check one bag at no extra cost - then it's 55E for a second, and the amount goes up with each bag after that~

I promise to get back to shop photos soon. I've been buying since returning home; The Atelier is FULL/packed (note the cleaning bucket~), and nothing is photo-worthy yet~ TERESA

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Linda Thiltgen said...

Can't wait to see! I love all the ephemera! I too would be hoarding scraps I found on the street. Maps, oh yes, I wonder if some artist is scoopig them up each time the rack is filled. :/