Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Simple enough #20

The apartment entry is still stacked with all the goods I brought home from FRANCE. Every time I pass, I mentally pause~
An unplanned vignette on the entree' table - just an unpack and stack, but it all looks good together. The ivory garland was there before I left; the linen-wrapped votives, old
seltzer bottle from the flea market, Eiffels and tiny silver bird candles are all French~

Grocerie items and magazines are grouped on a tray in the apartment kitchen~ J'adore the 'everyday' there: decorating and garden magazines (but of course), teas, chocolate, sugar and bonbons. While out and about, we stop at groceries (I can smell the fresh produce and cheeses) and news stands. The shelves devoted to wine in the marches' rival American pop aisles~And, we enjoy the wine. We usually have at least one evening 'in' - bread, cheese, fruit and vin~ Our Paris hotel has a quiet salon, and we relax on the deep leather sofas. They bring us glasses and a corkscrew, eh voila~
You've heard of ANJOU pears, wine, Cointreau, and more. Angers (related adjectives: Anjou, Angevine) is in the Loire Valley, known for its rivers, vineyards, fruit, and chateaux~
I love Paris, but j'adore Angers~ TERESA

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