Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sunday Load 4-18

Back to junking in Minnesota!

And happy to spend a beautiful Spring morning, getting 'back into it' here~A good mix of pieces (all shown in-the-rough)~ Those old wicker chairs can't be beat - sturdy and comfortable. She'll have a new cushion cover~

Carpenter's trunk; old book with complete boat-building plans~
This shot doesn't show her quality or colors well~ Awesome Counselor scale, haven't seen one of these in a while~

Great red trunk

Ornate sewing machine base, converted to table....

....with a grinder on top. Actually, it's perfect for sharpening your garden tools~

As usual, I don't do this without alot of great help~
Lots more France, shop, and restock photos to show you this week~ let yourself be inspired today, TERESA

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Mr. Flannery said...

Teresa - I'm sorry but there is nothing attractive about a scale that is already at 240# before I step on it.