Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sunday- well, a week-long load~

~ I estate saled as usual yesterday morning, and it was a reminder that I can't always fill the van. Was I disappointed? No. I only buy what I like, and it felt good to quickly load a dozen or so small pieces, and take off for coffee with my junking sister, Mary. Why? I was lucky to buy many full loads in the past week, and the Atelier is already stacked with new arrivals needing attention~ So, here's to messy Atelier photos from the past week ~ have fun! There are now TWO old wicker chairs~A newer clock (it works)An old fainting couch - it's comfortable~Gifts of fresh flowers in the mix~Is that a mannequin behind the bench? Yes!Two of them! Note her tinwork skirt ~

Chalkboard on stand (needing a final coat of chalkboard paint)~

The dirtiest chandelier I've ever acquired, I'm not surprised the photo won't orient correctly. Prisms and balls are all glass, she's complete, and will be stunning~
There's much more to show you, we're excited to open next week: MAY 4 (9-12); 5 (9-2); 6-7-8 (9-5); 9 (12-5). ~TERESA

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Katie said...

I always love your springtime photos and sparkling comments -- so fun and flowing!

I hope that magnificent mannequin is still there -- I won't be able to stop by until next week. :o(