Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walk PARIS streets with me today~

Join me, walking the Village Saint Paul area today - a favorite. In the 4th arrondissement, it is part of old Paris (oh my, what isn't old here?), and known as an area dedicated to the art of living.

Lots of alleyways and cobblestone, leading to endless blocks of browsing. Note the 'skyway' apartment bridge over this portal~

Specialty shops - and famous places, such as PAUL, known for it's bread. Do you want to stop for a sandwich or cafe'?And, Laduree, but of course~Hydrangeas and patisserie treats - perfection!We'll peek into DiorThere are maps to help us find our way around~ And, getting there is the easy part - we'll ride the metro to the Saint Paul stop~

Everywhere we walk, we'll find history and architecture~

Endless shop vitrines with the latest specialty work

Antiques - galore~

We have lots of options for stopping for a leisurely break - while we plan what to do next~

Thanks for taking a petite PARIS walk with me~ TERESA


Courtney Walsh said...

oh, wow. I have never had much desire to go to Paris, mostly because 1. I fear flying and 2. I don't speak French, but after seeing these pictures I think I'm changing my mind!! Beautiful! :)

Linda said...

I just love all the window shopping- thanks for sharing!

Mr. Flannery said...

I grew up in St. Paul, but I don't recognize anything in your photos. Confused in Buffalo.