Saturday, April 24, 2010

Walk to a FRENCH flea market with me~

It's Saturday morning in Buffalo, MN, so I can't help but think about the walk to the Angers flea market two weeks ago today, and wish I were there. Come with me~
It's 7:00am, is everyone else still asleep? Well, the Hotel du Mail's tagline is 'silence in the heart of the city'~ Walk across the Hotel du Mail courtyard - excited, but hushed and trying to walk the crunchy gravel without making too much noise.
Under the gate, full of Wisteria buds -have they bloomed by now?

Turn left, go to the corner and then another left. The abbey door, shown below, is on the right~

This old abbey entrance is right across the street from the hotel

And right next to that abbey entrance, the blooming camelia tree welcomes us each time we pass~

Walk down more alleyways, peeking into someone else's world.

It's several blocks, but we don't have to worry about carrying anything large back with us-?-
Do you have a tote with you? We're the only ones out and about; the streets are quiet~ Around a corner, and there it is! I'll show photos of the flea market tomorrow, and at some point, I want to show you what I brought home~ TERESA


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I want to be there!!!

Linda said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Thiltgen said...

Thank for the lovely walk. Can I go back with you sometime??! I'll be a good traveler I promise. :) Looks lovely. Can't wait to see your treasures!

TERESA said...

I wish now I'd taken photos at the market of what I ended up buying. I did buy a pair of andirons (yes - so am I a good travel partner??), but they have wonderful lady head busts on them - I had to have them. I'll be showing photos of what I brought home, very soon - TERESA