Friday, April 23, 2010

'Whitewear' at The PORCH & Atelier

What is more classic than a white shirt? Crisp, white, classic - an easy wardrobe choice, I wore white shirts many of those days in Paris~You're probably aware that I love to design cards and tags; we've used these 'fresh' tags for about six years now~I love to sell white shirts in the Atelier; the stock depends on how many make their way out of the ironing basket (thank you, Jeanne)~ From time to time, you'll also find soft cotton jammies and nightgowns.The childhood memories come back to you -that 'clean' smell of heat and steam as you iron~ Can you smell it?

Our secondhand shirts are perfectly whitened, soft, clean - ready to take off the hanger and wear~

A mix of sizes and styles - most cotton, all classic
Take a look for them next time you're here~ TERESA

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Laurie said...

I bought one of your white shirts a couple of years ago. It's a white ruffled tuxedo style-LOVE it!!!! I am using one of my personal days to visit your Thursday sale in May-can't wait! Coming with a few friends in tow!