Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to FRENCH Inspiration: DOORS

What is it about doors, entrances, allees'?

Not only the promise of what an entrance holds - it must be the grand size, color, architecture and details~
Today's photos are from ANGERS, my favored French city - whose cobbled streets are full of eye candy. I love this bleu door, and the slate outside~

Arched entries - with shield and ironwork details- it made me stop and look up-up!

You'll see lots of center knobs on ANGERS and PARIS doors~
An old building facade, preserved so we can admire and wonder~ We have friends in Angers; why do I forget to ask what the story is?

I've shown this courtyard before- it's worth repeating?

Open these please, I'll drive right in~
Yet another archway - did I happen to snap a photo of that great door, too? I must have...

OK, the swirly iron arch with the distinct paneled doors and surround get me every time~This door (in that famous green) is near the Hotel du Mail - we pass it every time we come and go. Did you note that you actually enter through the smaller door, inset on the right? For me, it's an Angers landmark~

Enter our Hotel du Mail~

Maybe this could be your room, in the courtyard corner? Your own private entrance~

Courtyard, facing the street; if you're coming back after 10:00pm, don't forget your code!

Enter the breakfast room through this door, petit dejeuner begins at 8:00am! Just wander in when you're ready, choose your sunlit table. Serve yourself fresh croissants, baguette with luscious jams, juice, and but of course - be served your cafe au lait or chocolat chaud. Be aware of the quiet (French) conversation around you, the tinkling dishware, all while planning the day ahead, which is always laced with we're happy just to 'breathe the air'.

Thanks for going with me today, TERESA


Mr. Flannery said...

Teresa - I love the preserved facade and the door inside the door. Thanks for sharing.

TERESA said...

You're welcome, Peter~ I'm happy you like the France posts, and I admire your appreciation for architecture and the very old - TERESA

TERESA said...

I forgot to mention that there will be upcoming posts about PARIS doors~ TERESA

Linda Thiltgen said...

Oh lala...lovely doors!