Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chandelier before/after~

You may remember this chandelier~ Shown a few weeks ago in a 'Sunday Load' post, you may have wondered is there any hope? She was referred to as the dirtiest chandelier I've ever found....

And, then she was shown here last week - at our MAY Market; beautiful and clean but not yet lit~ This is what we do here, see the true value under what sometimes looks hopeless, and clean it up - with alot of help, I might add~

Drum roll, she is, in her full glory~

Look at the light effects of the crystals --she just may convert you to wanting a little bling~ (it happened to Karen, who did the phenomenal cleanup job).

A true hidden treasure, don't you think? Karen, our good friend, took her home and worked on her - for many hours. Tip: she used sudsy ammonia, suggested by her Father. Still, no easy task - I'd attempted her first cleaning, but this is more than spectacular! I hope you can stop by to see her in the Atelier~

~Side note: it's a quiet morning here, with more rain/rain, and as I walked by these 'plaster blank' statuettes in the apartment entry this morning, I noticed they didn't appear to care - not one bit. So, sport your parasol, or gaily dance through whatever your rain is today, and have a great Thursday~ TERESA

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Linda said...

Turned out beautifully~ you don't mind the work when it pays off so well!