Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fête des Mères~

Mother's Day~ today, Sunday May 9th

En France, Fête des Mères is celebrated on June 7 this year, and was originally inaugurated by Napoleon~
It's a good day to show you these old, petite (about 2-1/2" tall) celluloid cake decorations- they've always reminded me of Mother's Day~

From a friend; she found them (a long time ago) tucked away and forgotten (a long time before that) - in the attic of her first home~
They certainly evoke alot of feeling for being so small~
Hand-detailed, their intricate shapes are die-cut~

I've used their scans in lots of different ways at the shop -- for Mother's Day, Garden Parties, and shown here: our May 2006 shop card. Now that I think about it, maybe you'll see them in a PORCH printed card again soon~

We're OPEN today, 12-5, to wrap up our MAY Market at The PORCH & Atelier. I awoke today to crisp blue skies and sunshine, and I'm wishing you the same~ TERESA


Privet and Holly said...

Love your shoppe and your blog! I tried to click on the link for the Paris Sale {couldn't read the fine print...SIGH} but nothing pops up. Perhaps you could post the time it opens??? I am hoping to fit you into a busy day of kid's activities and am already laying out my strategy!!! Thank you and I'll be back!
xx P&H

TERESA said...

Thank you for your nice comment, P&H! I sent you an email this morning~ TERESA

Our Springtime in PARIS event is by pre-registration, and I'm sorry (but also happy?) to say that we're full. The 'French' things I acquired on my trip will be coming into the shop over the next month or so - the first group will be available this Saturday, but there is more~