Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making everything colorful for you~

I'm pleased to be back to posting photos here today ~

~Like this awesome old metal chair

You see, in the past few days it seems that the loads of stuff, and all the work were just too much brown to show you (even with a few fresh colorful plants mixed in~)

A great scale (with its weights) has arrived, but again, too much 'brown' for a May post~
Like this stuff? Great set of four wood folding chairs, a trunk--
Gardening has begun in earnest here this week. Huge pots of Diamond Frost lobelia brighten everything up~
And standard white lobelia - gorgeous this year, I couldn't resist

This old blue louvered vent has been calling to me~
More blues inside the shop, too~

A favorite indulgence for me? Tying past-its-prime viburnum, boxwood and bridal wreath (from the Springtime in Paris bouquet in the apartment) around this square frame. These greens lend themselves well to drying; to be enjoyed a while longer~
Colorful and new -canvas rooster prints

More of the Diamond Frost

(I think that's a volunteer sunflower popping up in the center of one of our window boxes....)
We're busy filling up for next week's occasional sale! Both shop levels will be open June 1-6 - and to make up for the 'brown spell' we just went through, lots of photos of all the colorful goods will be cropping up here in the coming days~ TERESA

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